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Semenko Pattaya Secrets Forum 22 September 2008.
I stopped in there last night with my date and what a place!!!!!!!! An absolute 10 out of 10. Fantastic views beautiful night lites from the ocean, great ocean breeze, food was great.

It is like you walked into another city or town as the hot sticky temp from walking street is gone, and one feels so relaxed.

To see people sitting in those hot crowed, flithy, noisey beer bars in front of the Beer Garden( with over priced drinks) what a difference. I am not a drinker but I will be back to the beer garden many times.

David from the UK via email 31 August 2008.
I just wish to congrat you on such a top place. I have just come back from Thailand and I felt I had to mention about the staff. I have travelled around the world and been to many bars, but your staff have got to be the best. Both day & night staff, please give them all a pat on the shoulder.

It was the fact that not just a couple of the staff were nice but every single one. I will be back at xmas for sure and recommend this place to my friends for sure. Also had the pleasure when I staggered back from Walking Street at 10 am to have the full english breakfast top marks. Overall pattaya needed a chilled out place like this to get away from  the hectic Walking Street, well for a few hours. Cheers Pete and thanks to all the staff. Dave (flago )

Neal via email 6 July 2008.
I have just spent two weeks in Pattaya and ate most breakfasts and some dinners at PBG. I love the place. The staff are extraordinary. Sweet, humble, willing to "chat", appreciate a tip and no issues with bills etc. Noi, Su, Nang are amongst my favorites. I think they dress well. Colorful and sweet, attractive but not slutty.

Russ from Canada via email 5 July 2008.
I have just returned home (literally) from Pattaya, and I spent much time at your place. I just want to pass on to you that you have an absolute winner on your hands. Everything is right about it, the view, atmosphere, menu and the cuties that waiter. I hope to be back in several months and will indeed be stopping by. Keep up the good work.

Greg B - Pattaya Talk Forum - 28 June 2008
Just arrived in town on 24 June and Moulee informs me that Ann {Pete's wife} was having a birthday and that it was a required visit. I've been friends with Moulee for 8 years and yes, I do follow orders, so on 25 Jun we headed that way at 9PM

A nice breeze off the gulf on that night and a good reason to be outside. Of course many old friends were there and it was nice to see some former FLB employees. The food was outstanding and of course I had to get the complete tour of the place, as Peter has done an outstanding job on this venue.

I left Moulee in charge of ordering drinks and food, it seemed to be a nonstop effort on her part to make sure everyone had a drink in hand.

Now, it's 1AM, time to get Moulee back to work, as MM is covering for her. Here comes that infamous "check bin" and I'm in total shock at what I see...!

4500 Baht..! I was expecting 10,000 Baht, you gotta love those prices at Pattaya Beer Garden

A very enjoyable night was had by all, worth any effort to stop by and see.

Spring - Pattaya Talk Forum - 1 June 2008
"Been nearly living there since I arrived May 7th, so yeah I guess I kinda like the joint"

Changnoyed - Pattaya Addicts 19 June 2008
Hi Pete it was great to meet you and your friendly staff. The 2 or 3 times we came by, we enjoyed the beer and food totaly. Very hard to tear mianoi away from somtam table. Thanks again.

MissYouTooMutt - Pattaya Secrets 6 June 2008
First Time Observations: I ate dinner here last night about 21:45, and the bar was about 40% full (about 2-to-1 guys to ladies ratio) and the dining areas about 70% full. Good food very reasonably priced, broad selection of menu items, bottled Tiger 50 baht, attentive service (with some cute staff ladies), hi-def t.v.'s, big bar & dining areas nicely spread out from each other (a family can be eating over the water without the drunks/mongers right up close next to them), excellent atmosphere whether there for mongering freelancers, getting drunked up on their cheap bottled beer, relaxing, or a meal overlooking water with friends/dates/family. Definitely will be back & worth a visit to try out.

Bsabil - by email 6 June 2008
Just to say I loved your bar when I was there last week, it will be my regular sundowner spot when I return.

Roger - by email 26 May 2008
Along with my chums - plus TGF's we really enjoyed your Beer Garden the other week (afternoon and evening). My friends TGF (who has her own food stall back home) said the food was excellent - particularly the Pizza. It was great to sit in the fresh air and relax without being pestered. Other chum really enjoyed the Video/Music etc. See you at Christmas.

Stuarty - Pattaya Live 3 June 2008
A really great place to take your tgf for a few drinks in a nice setting. I really liked the place and can't speak highly enough of it.

Ken - by email 21 May 2008
Your choice of music is one of the things that I really liked about the bar. And the low volume was also OK, especially when I was in a laid-back mood (which was most of the time).