Views 01
A view of the bar from Pattaya Beach

Views 02
A closer shot from the beach.

Views 03
The entrance to Pattaya Beer garden, next to the Siren Beer Bar complex at the start of Walking Street.

Views 04
Looking from Balcony 2 towards the west

Views 05
Balcony number 1 overlooking Pattaya Beach.

Views 06
The entrance from the Siren Beer Bar walkway.

Views 07
Looking north from inside the bar.

Views 08
Pattaya Beach.

Views 09
Looking towards the beach from Balcony 2.

Views 10
Balcony 3 looking west.

Views 11
Balcony 1, looking north.

Views 12
Spectacular sunsets are the norm in Pattaya.

Views 13
Looking west as the sun goes down.

Views 14

Views 15
Around 6 pm is the time to catch the sunset, playing almost every night at the Pattaya Beer Garden.

Views 16
Night time view towards the beach.