Construction 00
Originally designed as a food court, the first job was to remove the food stations.

Construction 01
Looking solid but not for long.

Construction 02
These guys made quick work of clearing the place.

Construction 03
Lot's of rubble which had to be removed in sacks and carried by hand out to the road.

Construction 04
All smashed up!

Construction 05
Ready to start building.

Construction 06
Working hard.

Construction 07
The BIG bar starts to take shape.

Construction 08
At 70 metres (75 yards) it is probably going to be the biggest bar in Pattaya.

Construction 09
Everything in the bar is big. This is one of the speaker brackets being welded.

Construction 10
The "secure ladder" used to weld the speaker bracket in place.

Construction 11
Tricky position for welding.

Construction 12
A dead worker after he fell off the ladder . . . not really, just tired after all that work.

Construction 13
The old kitchen is going to get a make over.

Construction 15
Brand new toilets.

Construction 16
Everything you need.